Toshiba is the world’s most trusted provider of industry-targeted solutions that help increase the value of ideas and information. Toshiba helps businesses and organisations to enhance their operational and financial performance and to improve their eco-efficiency by transforming the way they capture, manage, display and share information.
Toshiba is continuously working towards a more prosperous and sustainable future for everyone. Operating across multiple industries, Toshiba delivers solutions and services founded on the knowledge and experience of a global team of experts and a comprehensive portfolio of reliable, innovative technology, all within core eco-strategy. The company offers a wide range of products, from multifunctional print and copying systems (both colour and monochrome), to fax machines and digital document management products. From small portable products, to heavy duty industrial, the range is completed by barcode/label printers designed to stream-line operations across the widest variety of applications and markets. These products benefit from the latest technology and innovations, ensuring not only maximum return on investment, but also a future proofed printing solution.

OKI Printing Solutions

At OKI, we create unique, award-winning business printing solutions which empower organizations to communicate more effectively.
Today, it’s even easier to achieve outstanding results with our own unique collection of market defining hardware and software technologies – High Definition Color. OKI is a market leader in the global color printer market, with representation in 120 countries worldwide. We offer innovative and leading edge products and services around the globe and are continuously dedicated to improving the quality of our printing solutions. Our printing solutions answer a vast array of printing needs – from the basic right through to the tailored, customer-specific requirement.


print management software used by 50k organizations to control and quota printing. It’s not about profits and business metrics. It’s about building strong long lasting relationships. Our success is not measured by a balance sheet, but instead by the impact we’ve had across 50 million end-users, 180 countries, and 50,000 organizations, … and the trillions of pages we’ve saved. All imaginable software functionalities expected by a printing management software, can be found inside a single package .

Sendy’s Explorer

Streamline business processes and save time with SENDYS Explorer, a document management solution that will help companies of any size fulfil their document workflow needs, maximising efficiencies from capture to distribution. SENDYS Explorer enables the user to convert documents and distribute or upload to a chosen location, providing greater flexibility to edit, access, print, retrieve and share files.

Fleet Manager

A software for the monitoring, analysis and management of printers, MFPs and copiers. All local and network devices are automatically recognized and monitored for status transitions in real-time. Some of the main features include meter readings, live-time data on machine and components’ status, and furthermore comprehensive reports to never let your business down.

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